Bearded Dragon - Lizard - Reptile - Small Pet Leash - Adjustable Paracord Leash

Pampered Dragon Design

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This awesome paracord leash is great for bearded dragons but also many other small pets and reptiles!! This leash is completely adjustable! Head can fit your small baby bearded dragons, like mine pictured, all the way up to a full grown bearded dragon. But it can also fit rabbits, ferrets, and other similar animals!! It's great for walks around the house so you don't lose your baby or even walks outside! It's also very durable as it's made from 550 paracord!! And bonus points because they're stylish!!!

The BASIC leash comes with marbled beads, that match your leash color, name personalization in your choice of letter beads, and matching pony beads opposite the name. Charm does NOT automatically come on your leash unless you request it in your personalization.

Once you choose the length and color of your leash, please let me know the name of your pet and whether you want rainbow letter beads, black (black w/white letters) letter beads, or white (white w/black letters) letter beads and I'll take it from there.

No other personalization is necessary unless you want to choose the bead colors and add a charm.

Here are other options that you can choose during personalization.
~~You can request to have a rainbow of colorful marble beads (like the beads in the first photo) to build your leash.
~~You can request the pony beads to be solid colors, tinted colors, iridescent colors (like a pearl coat), or glittery.
~~You can also request a charm at no extra charge.

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