Lifetime COMMERCIAL LICENSE - Entire Shop - No Credit Required

Lifetime COMMERCIAL LICENSE - Entire Shop - No Credit Required


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All our digital artwork listings come with a basic/small commercial license (for up to 100 units sold). This listing is an EXTENDED LICENSE for you to use our designs for more than 100 units sold.

►This listing is a LIFETIME EXTENDED LICENSE for you to use our designs unlimited.

►By purchasing this listing, you get lifetime no credit required commercial use license on all items you purchase!
►By purchasing this license you can use all the artworks you have already purchased and the artworks you are going to purchase, to create works to sell.

★This license grants you non-exclusive and non-transferable rights to use the designs according to the terms stated below.

►With this license, you can sell unlimited units of end product using the artwork from ANY and ALL listing in our shop.
►You are prohibited from reselling the artwork as-is. The artwork must be incorporated into a new design.
►No physical items or document will be sent to you. Your receipt of this purchase confirms right for commercial use for unlimited units sold. Please keep a copy of this receipt for your records.
►Copyright of art does not transfer with this license. All copyrights and ownership of images and designs remain with Kortz Studio 311 a SaBellaNee Boutique brand.

This design may be used to:
►Make a product that is customized for a specific end consumer and sold directly to
them. [Examples: Layout or scrapbook for the consumer, photo card that includes
the consumer’s pictures]
►Make a physical finished product that is sold by you to an end consumer and can be
mass-produced. [Examples: posters, t-shirts, gifts, stationery,
books, DVDs, packaging]
►Make something used to enhance or supplement another product sold by you.
[Examples: jewelry display cards, clothing hangtags, a recipe card accompanying a
food product, product labels]
►Make materials that will be published and distributed for free, if the products
will not be used for advertising or marketing a for-profit business and will not be mass
distributed. [Examples: community newsletters, programs for community theater
►Make advertising or marketing materials for your own small business, if the
materials will not be mass produced or mass distributed. [Examples: business cards,
selling t-shirts with your logo made from a Kortz Studio 311 design.]

This design may not be:
►Used in any circumstance where the end consumer of the design will be able to
modify, reproduce, distribute, or sell the design.
►Sold or given to the end consumer in a digital format.
►Made into any product or digital material that is then resold by your end consumer.
►You may not claim this design/product as your own in any way as the copyright
remains with Kortz Studio 311.
►Sub-licensed, rented, lent, assigned, gifted, transferred, distributed or granted rights
under this agreement.
►Re-distributed, shared, or sold in a digital products bundle.
►Re-distributed, shared, or sold to end consumer unmodified by itself.

★ By purchasing this license you accept and agree to adhere to these terms.

(Please Note: coupon codes are NOT available for use on any license)



►Check out and complete payment.

 No documents will be sent to you!

!Receipt of purchase confirms right for commercial use!

Please contact me if you have any questions, or if you are unsure about whether this license is right for your project.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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