About Us

Hi There,

Welcome to SaBellaNee Boutique where LOVE is the number 1 ingredient in everything we do. Love and care go into the creation of each and every item.

I learned to crochet when I was a little girl. My mother crocheted a lot and I wanted to learn so she showed me the basic chain, gave me a book and that's where it all started. I participated in craft shows with my mom up until about 15 years ago when I moved from Texas to Colorado. Now my daughter and I travel around the state of Colorado doing craft shows together. I love sitting at shows, meeting other crafters and just getting to talk to all sorts of people.

Crocheting is actually what helped me to quit smoking January 23, 2007. Crocheting and lots of prayer, that is. Dr. Phil said that you don't just break a habit, you replace it with something else. I took those words to heart, my children were praying, and I finally succeeded in getting rid of a habit that I felt held me hostage for so long.

I started writing my own patterns for my animal hats and it just grew from there. My family would giggle when they would find me with a pile of yarn on the floor in front of me. They had seen me so many times get just about finished with something, not be happy with the way it was coming out and I would rip it out and start fresh yet again. They would tell me how they would never have the patience for such a task. I enjoy each step of the process.

SaBellaNee Boutique is more than crochet though. We are multi media artists bringing you a wide variety of handmade gifts that you will feel confident in giving..or keeping....and the service to tie (pun definitely intended) it all together. Each item is skillfully designed, created and handcrafted from the heart.
So let the ones you care about know how much you care and give a gift from the heart. Handmade from our hearts, given by your heart to warm their heart.